August 21, 2014 11:26 pm


company zodiac part one

ori as pisces (imaginative, selfless, unworldly, escapist)
nori as scorpio (loyal, resourceful, suspicious, secretive)
dori as virgo (reliable, perfectionist, fussy, worrier)
bifur as aquarius (inventive, honest, unpredictable, detached)
bombur as cancer (responsive, caring, cautious, emotional)
bofur as sagittarius (optimistic, jovial, tactless, straightforward)

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company zodiac part two (part one here)

kili as aries (enthusiastic, confident, impatient, daredevil)
fili as leo (faithful, generous, stubborn, domineering)
thorin as capricorn (responsible, ambitious, grudging, conceited)
dwalin as taurus (persistent, dependable, inflexible, resentful)
balin as libra (diplomatic, charming, indecisive, superficial)
gloin and oin as gemini (witty, adaptable, devious, impulsive)

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is he listening to korn?


is he listening to korn?

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Newfies are really just big fluffy bears.

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Here are the sparkly results of the stream! A BIG thank you to everyone who came by!  Let’s do it again sometime ya?

i think this is the best stream i’ve had so far art-wise, everything is sparkles.